Ketone Balance Duo Side Effects

Ketone Balance Duo Is safe to take?

As with any new dietary supplement, is one of the first pressing questions or a supplement is safe to use. You may be desperate to lose weight, but is something that no one dares to do your health at risk.

Ketone Balance Duo is a natural fat burner with an innovative formula (Green Coffee Bean, ketone + green tea).

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Ketone Balance Duo side effects

Ketone Balance Duo Side EffectsKetone Balance Duo is main ingredient of raspberry ketone, a raspberry derived substance that when breaking the fat and increase metabolism helps.

The other main ingredient in Ketone Balance Duo is Green Coffee Bean extract, another natural, fat-burning compound unroasted coffee beans has been extracted.

Both these ingredients are of course, so the chances of getting any side effects of using KetoneBalance Duo rather infinitesimal.

But let's take a closer look at each of the key ingredients of Ketone Balance Duo and their potential side effects.

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Pure Raspberry ketone (200 mg)

Raspberry ketone is a scientifically proven fat burner. Studies have shown that raspberry ketone helps your body break down and use it as energy.

Ketone Balance Duo uses the recommended, optimal raspberry ketone daily dose (200 mg) for maximum and safe weight loss results.

Given a sticks to the recommended dosage, there is no safety concerns or effectiveness.

Ketone Balance Duo Side Effects

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Green coffee Bean Extract (200 mg)

Green coffee is another natural and safe ingredient in KetoneBalance Duo. Green coffee bean extract owes its fat burning capacity to chlorogenic acid (GCA), a compound said to accelerate the breaking down of fat, so that help you lose weight.

Numerous studies have examined the fat burning power of green coffee Bean extract and there is still no evidence to support her unsuitability for human consumption. For example, this study has shown how Green coffee bean Extract,

“ possibly effective against weight gain and fat accumulation by inhibition of fat absorption and activation of fat metabolism in the liver ”

Yet another clinical trial on mice have shown,

These results suggest that “ caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid body weight, lipid metabolism and obesity related hormones levels improve ”

The only concern those Green Coffee Bean extract can pose is that in another study where chlorogenic acid was used to treat high blood pressure, was found effective. So, people with hypotension (low blood pressure) must first consult their doctor before use.

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Green Tea Extract (100 mg)

Ketone Balance Duo contains a powerful antioxidant, namely, green tea extract. Apart from a rich and powerful antioxidant activity, green tea is also an ingredient promote weight loss.

For example, this study has confirmed that Green Tea Extract helps boost energy levels and promote fat oxidation (break down fat for energy production in that the body can use).

Again, no side effects have been associated with Green Tea Extract. Daily dose of more than 400 mg of Green Tea Extract, can cause jitters and restlessness due to caffeine. Ketone Balance Duo only contains, however, a meek 100 mg, so no worries here either.

Guarana seed (100 mg)

Ketone Balance Duo also contains 100 mg of Guarana, a well-known, powerful energy-boosting compound that increases mental alertness and counteracts fatigue and drowsiness. Guarana seeds contain caffeine, which is why Guarana is suitable for boosting energy levels and your metabolism.

Although the amount of Guarana in Ketone Balance Duo (100 mg) not to worry, is are you hypersensitivity to caffeine, it is best to avoid using it-especially if you tend to caffeine of other caffeine based drinks.

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Chromium picolinate (60μg of chromium)

This is a mineral that helps improve insulin activity. By enhancing insulin, is also the metabolism improved, which ultimately increases your weight loss efforts. Insulin sensitivity and glucose levels of capacity to chrome is confirmed by this human clinical trial.

Ketone Balance Duo contains 60μg (micrograms) for Chromium, which is slightly above the EU recommended dosage. Having regard to the fact that you take no other supplements that contain Chromium Picolinate, it doesn't have any side effects.

Of course, each individual differently might react to certain ingredients, so while some organs Welcome larger dosages, others react negatively. However, there are no reported side effects of Ketone Balance Duo of users who have tried it.

Ketone Balance Duo Side Effects

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Who should not take Ketone Balance Duo?

Breastfeeding and pregnant women should not take balance Duo — even if no such warning is provided by the supplement developer. No research has yet to investigate the Ketone Balance Duo formula, and since it is a unique one, it should be avoided by this segment of the population.

People taking other medication, or suffer from a chronic condition should first consult their doctor before purchasing the supplement.

Conclusions for Ketone Balance Duo

  • No known side effects
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Clinically proven ingredients for efficiency
  • Featured ketone dosage 200 mg
  • All-natural supplement
  • Contains pure raspberry ketone & pure green tea
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Developed by trusted health Supplement developer, EvolutionSlimming
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Ketone Balance Duo Side Effects