Ketone Balance Duo – Raspberry Ketone And Green Coffee Bean

Ketone Balance Duo Review – what the experts think of this fat burner?

Unless you have been stranded on a media-less Island, chances are you've heard about raspberry ketone and its many health benefits – and by that we mean her weight loss power.

A newly released raspberry ketone supplement has our attention, namely Ketone Balance Duo. A food supplement that has two main slimming ingredients, raspberry ketone and green coffee bean extract, Ketone Balance Duo seems to be what dieters have been waiting for.

We've been looking at Ketone Balance Duo to see if it lives up to the hype.

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What is Ketone Balance Duo?

Ketone Balance Duo – Raspberry Ketone And Green Coffee BeanKetone Balance Duo is a new dietary supplement developed and distributed by Evolution slimming, an acclaimed, UK-based nutritional supplement company.

Ketone Balance Duo has an innovative formula; not only does it ontain raspberry ketone, but it also contains Green Coffee Bean extract.

Both are effective fat burners, so it only makes sense that these guys put the two in a single dietary supplement.

KetoneBalance Duo:

  • Raspberry ketone provides the recommended dosage of 200 mg
  • Use natural ingredients to achieve weight loss of course
  • Has an antioxidant capacity and other health benefits besides weight loss

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How does it help with weight loss?

KetoneBalance Duo helps with fat burning thanks to Raspberry ketone and green coffee Bean extract. Each of these two ingredients are natural metabolism boosters to promote fat break down and burn.

Raspberry ketone

Hype aside, raspberry ketone is a clinically proven anti-obesity ingredient. A Japanese study found that raspberry ketone is change how your body burns fat is:

Raspberry ketone prevents and improves obesity and fatty liver. These effects seem to result from the action of raspberry ketone change the lipid metabolism anti-obese action of raspberry ketone, Journal of Life Science.

Raspberry ketone helps you lose weight by focusing your metabolism. In fact, thanks to its Ketone Balance Duo 200 mg recommended dosage of ketone, your body that active ingredients that awakening its metabolism and urge your body burn fat more efficiently.

In other words, when you create you breaking down body fat takes Ketone Balance Duo more efficient, whereby that you lose weight.

Apart from clinically proven to assist in fat burning, raspberry ketone has said extensively and endorsed by the media, including Dr. oz's famous approval on his TV Show and weight loss expert Lisa Lynn's own approval of raspberry ketone. This is another clue that we take into account in assessing it for reliability and efficiency.

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Green coffee Bean Extract

Ketone Balance Duo also contains 200 mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract, which increases fat burning capacity of ketone. Green, unroasted coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, an acid that has been proven to help with fat burning.

A recent crossover study has confirmed previous that suggest GCA (chlorogenic acid) helps with weight loss. The study has reported,

The results are in accordance with the human and animal studies and a meta-analysis of the efficacy of green coffee extract in weight loss. The results suggest that the GCA can be an effective nutrition in reducing weight in preobese adults, and a cheap means of prevention of obesity in overweight adults can be.

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Ingredients in Ketone Balance Duo 2 in 1 natural fat burner

  • Raspberry ketone 200 mg -natural Fat Buster, promotes fat oxidation and burning
  • Green coffee Bean extract 200 mg chlorogenic acid, a fat burning agent – it contains
  • Chromium picolinate 0.54 mg – Stabilizes blood sugar and inulin syrup
  • Green Tea Extract 100 mg -Antioxidant, promotes better metabolism
  • Guarana Extract 100 mg – gives alertness and increases energy levels

Ketone Balance Duo – Raspberry Ketone And Green Coffee Bean

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Ketone balance can cause side effects?

Ketone Balance Duo is a natural fat burner. It is not harmful to your health, rather it promotes by you lose weight and improve your self-image, to help.

Testimonials by users who have tried her weight loss balance capacity ketone have confirmed and not report experienced side effects, mild or more severe ones.

The only contraindication to Ketone Balance Duo is that it should be avoided by pregnant and lactating women. People with caffeine sensitivity should also consider another supplement as ketone Duo also a small amount of Guarana (100 mg).

If you're on other medication, or if you are in need of a chronic disease, you must first consult your doctor before purchasing KetoneBalance Duo.

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Ketone Balance Duo Fact Sheet

  • Natural weight loss supplement-zero Side Effects
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • Effective fat burner and metabolism-booster
  • Featured raspberry ketone dosage for optimal results, 200 mg per day
  • Contains among other ingredients, chromium picolinate, which promotes health by regulating glucose levels and prevent insulin strong fluctuations
  • Dr. Oz Recommended, Raspberry ketone can help in your weight loss efforts, especially when paired with regular exercise and a balanced diet of healthy and whole foods
  • Dr. Oz also has in the past confirmed Green Coffee Bean extract weight loss power by carrying out its own Green Coffee Bean Project that confirmed its importance for weight loss.
  • Rich in antioxidants that strengthen and protect one's body
  • Reliable and highly acclaimed UK developer, EvolutionSlimming.

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While the market is full of ineffective weight loss products they don't keep promises, KetoneBalance Duo seem to be a quality, pure raspberry ketone addition.

Not only does it contain the recommended, necessary dose of ketone for weight loss, but the formula is also unique, it contains both, green tea and green coffee Bean extracts for maximum results.

A natural formula that contains no additives and fillers, Ketone Balance Duo UK seems to be a good choice that gives you the assurance that the supplement used clinically approved weight loss ingredients.

Ketone Balance Duo – Raspberry Ketone And Green Coffee Bean

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Where to buy Ketone Balance Duo?

If you think Ketone Balance Duo can help you lose weight you can buying the official developer and the Distributor, Evolution slimming

Prices are as follows:

  • 1-month supply £ 39.99 (save £ 10)
  • 2 month supply-£ 59.99
  • 5-month supply £ 149.99 (get a free 1-month supply extra)

Apply postage for buying evolution slimming.

Purchase of Ketone Balance Duo by her own official website means that apart from cost effective offers, you also get free worldwide shipping.

  • 1 month supply-£ 39.99
  • 2 month supply-£ 59.99
  • 5-month supply £ 149.99 (buy 5 + 1 free)

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Ketone Balance Duo – Raspberry Ketone And Green Coffee Bean