Steinhart Watches – new website in Russian

Since this blog is written by Russian-speaking person and I’m a massive fan
of the timepieces created by the Steinhart Watches Team (moreover, I’m
a happy owner of some rare ones) – I would like to make some promotion
to the recently launched official Russian website of Steinhart Watches –

The brand founded by Günter Steinhart from Augsburg, Germany has a lot of Russian fans, four launched limited editions for the members of the most visited Russian watch forum ( and a few in progress.

Steinhart Aviation Automatic Black DLC

I do believe that some of you remember me as a big fan Big Fan of Steinhart watches. ;-)  Here’s the new model in the Aviation collection I want to tell you about. And now here’s the DLC-coated case and new white-stitched strap!
All the offical specs are here and the pics are below.

Maybe some of you, guys,  were lucky enough to grab SAWLE.
But now it’s a part of History and a serious reason to regret for those who
wasn’t quick enough! :D

Steinhart Nav.B-Uhr Vintage Titanium

Hi to all! I’m coming back to posting and hope we will have interesting 2011. :)
One of the most impressive discoveries this January is the new Steinhart Vintage crafted in Titanium. Still this big but comfortable (to me) 47 mm case and very impressive dial layout. Here are some ofiicial pictures below. The live shots are coming soon! And here is the official description.

Steinhart Nav.B-Chrono Vintage

The Nav.B-Chrono Vintage is the strictly limited edition of 55 pieces. The case is 47 mm in diameter.  It has received a fine bead blasting so the steel’s color is a flat gray. Here are two pics by Kibi from Thanks! :)

The original description of Nav.B-Chrono Vintage, Art.Nr. S010512
is available at

Three other pics are also from members but I can’t give the proper info about those who shared them. Will add this info later, when possible! Thanks a lot anyway – the shot are awesome! :)

Update: the credit for these pics below goes to Tony A.H  from Boston MA.

Steinhart Triton 100 ATM Stainless Steel

This is a first generation of Tritons with DLC coating and the third generation in the series (the first two had the stainless steel bezel and more strict dial design). Wouldn’t say I was extremely happy when I saw this watch for the first time. :D Although there are some features which make the watch more “serious” – 1000 meters WR and helium valve.

But I have to say this timepiece keeps growing on me. Sometimes its great to see the live pics which can make you think different! Thanks to 10nach10, the member of Steinhart forum at I see the new edges of the watch which didn’t took my attention at the first glance.


Steinhart Aviation Stainless Steel

One of very nice and very affordable watches made by Steinhart. You can find the variety of other models in thу Aviation collection and decide which one fits you better. Unfortunately,  I can’t give the information on the author of these finу live pics of the model. Just can’t track the forum where they were found. Thanks a lot anyway!

Steinhart Marine Timer

Here’s one of the most beautiful watches from Steinhart which is unfortunately not so popular. I like the historic parallels in the dial design and unusual hands.
I did not understand this watch before. But everything changes and now she’s in my wish list. Take a look at the images below! Maybe you’ll feel the same?! :)

I wish I could recall the source of the first and last shots in the series but I really didn’t mean to write a blog when they were downloaded to my Favourites folder. All other pics are from the official website. Anyway, thanks to all!